The Status for December 30, 1997

OUR FORTY-SECOND AND FORTY-THIRD WEEK [December 15th to December 26th]
C-probe defeated -- Bette and Isaac imprisoned -- A troop of new Chinese probes coming in

[Week 42] Daniel and Gail joined Andrew and Zachary, who had trapped the C-probe in a pit. Gail objected against harming the C-probe. When Zachary went down the pit and cut its antennas, the C-probe tried to get out by a grappling hook, but fell backwards into the pit immobilizing itself.

[Week 42] In cave #3 Bette and Isaac found a blue hoop that emits electromagnetic vibrations and a glyph nearby working as a switch. Then they found a blue room with two cups. [Week 43] Isaac broke one and Celeb.s and three other Ipsolstai appeared taking them as prisoners ...

[Week 42] Then Enoch and Theresa detected a troop of six fully armed C-probes approaching the Olympus Mons area. Concerning Al-Q there are further three. [Week 43] The Probes gathered in the Fortress. Zachary built a movable laser devise linked by prisms to the beam emitted by solar station in the round area. Using that, he could dazzle three C-probe. Andrew went north to dig a new pit at the edge of the mountain range. Daniel followed Andrew and saved his life. Next Enoch went there bringing cartridges...

[Week 43] Gail remained with Theresa in the Fortress, so she met Burn, who came by his flying Ipsolstai craft ...

Can the C-probes be defeated ?? What will happen to Bette and Isaac ?? Can Burn help again ??

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[the blue hoop; Bette 12/15][Down the Big Canyon; Enoch 12/16][A switch like a glyph; Isaac 12/17][a pulsing light; Bette 12/17][empty Ipsolstai tunnel; Enoch 12/17][the metal/ non metal thing; Enoch 12/18][a troop of C-probes; Enoch 12/19][the blue room; Bette 12/19][the broken cup; Bette 12/22][the hedge in Jose's cave; Gail 12/24][railroad tunnel; Gail 12/25][a beanie; Gail 12/25][the tram in the tunnel; Gail 12/26]

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