Report for June 09, 1998

Hi MARSupials,

I just received the Inbound from Andrew and Bette via Stage One, but I got
only shred. Sorry about that. I luckily could establish a direct contact to Wolf
359 via JIFE. So I could to check, if any larger energy source got in between.
Sorry again. I didn't perceived any anomalies on the route over there.

Then I had to laugh about myself. Wolf 359 is 7.5 light years away. If there
actually were any energy field in between, we won't learn about that until several
years have past.

So, I went into analyses of that static noise that was coming along with the Inbound
of our Probes. It's strange. There was a very steady but strong signal dominating that
came in at a very deep frequency. Then I got an idea and converted it into acoustic.

My whole office started to vibrate. It wasn't so bad, but nevertheless I was scared.
In some way it was wonderful. It's like someone is talking to you, but it isn't talking.
The frequency doesn't change. It's like one voice or thousands at one time, saying
only one thing by one tone.

Please, don't laugh at me, but that tone gives you a feeling as it includes everything,
you ever can think of. I don't know how to say it. It was to me like that was the very
first moment that I really understood what "cosmic" means.

It's like to be united with deep outer space. One body, one mind.

I came in here as quick as possible.
Sorry, I don't have an idea what it is nor how to handle it.



Hi to all newbies,

welcome aboard. MarsDawn is now more one year old and was brought
up by folks like you are. So, don't be shy to send messages to the Probes.
They need you. If you haven't got access to create an Outbound yet, please
contact Dr.D. He is easy to reach by this link Dr.D, and I'm quite sure that
he will send the keys immediately.

Keep my ears walking