The Status for February 03, 1998

OUR FIFTH WEEK IN 1998 [up to January 30th]
Bette, Isaac, Andrew and Daniel reached Wolf 359 -- Zachary caught -- Gail and Theresa packing -- Enoch lost

[Week 5] Andrew, Bette, Daniel and Isaac were brought to a lander to reach the Ipsolstai homeworld. On their way Gabriel's team ran a full program to measure and test our Probes. Referring to the Amphibians Daniel stated, if the Ipsolstai fall, Earth will die ...

When Enoch blew up the Chinese communications, Zachary was caught by two "C-bugs" and locked into a room. Then Enoch got lost in the tunnels. Gail and Theresa started to evacuate the Fortress after a missile hit the gate and some Ipsolstai got killed by attacking C-probes ...

When are Amphibians coming ?? What will happen to our Probes at Wolf 359 ?? Can the C-probes be stopped ??

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