The Status for December 23, 1997

OUR FOURTY-SECOND WEEK[December 15th to December 19th]
C-probe defeated -- A strange hoop found -- A troop of Chinese probes coming in

[Week 42]Daniel, still talking cryptic, and Gail joined Andrew an Zachary, who were filling the pit of the trapped C-probe to jam its projectile tubes. Gail objected against harming the C-probe, but learned soon about its hostility. When Zachary went down the pit to cut its antennas, the C-probe could launch a rocket, but no one was hurt. Then trying to get out by a grappling hook the C-probe fell backwards into the pit, so immobilizing itself.

In cave #3 Bette and Isaac found a blue hoop that emits an electromagnetic vibration in a strange frequency. By toughing a glyph nearby the whole tunnel started to vibrate. Then they found a blue room with two cups nearby ...

When Enoch and Theresa were looking for mobile units coming from the C-lander, as announced by Al-Q, they detected a troop of six fully armed C-probes moving toward Olympus Mons...

Who is the One Daniel is talking about ?? What kind of an area is Bette exploring ?? How to face the C-troop ??

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