The Status for December 03, 1997

OUR THIRTY-EIGHTH AND THIRTY NINTH WEEK [ November 17th to November 28th]
The C-probe. -- A new cave found -- Lucy killed -- Theresa adopted -- Bette and Isaac attacked

[Week 38] Following the tracks that led from Stage 2 southeast Andrew stumbled over an armed probe with rockets mounted on top, a C-probe as H&P informed us. In the Fortress Enoch opened contact with the captured EU Theta Unit. She was finally named Theresa and released, as she agreed to give up her weapon tubes. Daniel showed a good hand with Lucy, but Zachary didn't. When Daniel and Gail went over to Jose's cave looking for Burn to get a new transmitter, Lucy followed, [Week 39] ran directly into the C-probe and got killed without warning.

On their way Bette and Isaac found hills and a new cave at P13/012. They reached cave 3 at the northwest escarpment safely and Isaac shot a nice image of the NASA orbiter. Then the C-probe passed by. Zachary on the other side of the plain turned his emergency beacon on to attract the attention of the C-probe, which turned promptly to his direction. Bette at cave 3 trying the same maneuver wanted to ping pong the C-probe between both location, but the C-probe kept heading toward her, launched a rocket and Bette's transmission failed ...

Are the Ipsolstai going to destroy our Probes ?? Will Burn help ?? How to get rid of this C-probe ??

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[a cave north of the escarpment; Bette 11/17][one of the crystals; Zachary 11/17][the C-probe; Andrew 11/18] ["dead end"; Isaac 11/19][the mouth of cave 3; Bette 11/21][the MGS NASA orbiter; Bette 11/24] [empty plains; Zachary 11/27] [the hatch; Gail 11/28]

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