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We would also like to Thank "The Original Cool Site of the Day" for selecting us on Dec 5, 1997 as A Cool Site .

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And was pick by them as 'Cool Site of the Day' on Dec 5,1997

Some of our members have web sites too.

487th Bomb Group
Submitted by: Bombardier on February 07, 1998
Come and see what Bombardier's Dad did when he was 18 and the world needed saving.
Ralph's Place
Submitted by: monroe on February 06, 1998
You can read my novel there!
Wing Commander Alliance
Submitted by: Captian Matt Bryce on January 05, 1998

My Neck of The Woods
Submitted by: Kanga on January 03, 1998
I must warn all you youngsters out there. Some of this site is for adults only. Please don't read what you shouldn't.
Submitted by: Ryan Carman on December 31, 1997

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