The Status for January 30, 1998

OUR THIRD WEEK AND FORTH WEEK IN 1998 [up to January 23rd]
Sojourner found -- Bette, Isaac, Andrew and Daniel shipped to Wolf 359 -- C-probe factory detected

[Week 3] Andrew & Daniel still in distress up in the rockface got under heavy fire by C-probe missiles. Zachary & Enoch cut off to come to their aid went north to the C-lander and found Sojourner. Gail nearly made it to rescue Andrew & Daniel, but then Burn picked them up by his flying vehicle. Gail was left her behind

[Week 4] and went back to the Fortress. Zachary and Enoch found a big hall at the C-landing site, a huge fabric that produces C-probes. Zachary could enter the hall, while Enoch went into a tube that leads underground ...

Bette and Isaac were sentenced to death by the Ipsolstai, but got saved in a coup by Gabriel, a friend of Burn, to be shipped somewhere [Week 4] Also Andrew & Daniel were shipped. Bette met the One, when they passed through the Groove reaching Wolf 359 and Daniel mentioned that the Amphibians are coming ...

When are Amphibians coming ?? What's going in the Wolf 359 system ?? Can the C-probes be stopped ??

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Image Archive: [C-probe circle; Andrew 1/12][up the Big Canyon; Gail 1/12][out of the driving tram;Zachary 1/13][a glyph at the rockface; Daniel 1/13][at a small ridge; Gail 1/13][sunset; Gail 1/14][finding Sojourner; Zachary 1/14][the entrance to the lava flow; Enoch 1/15][rocket launcher at the lava flow, Zachary 1/16][Andrew at the ridge; Gail 1/16][the tunnel tram; Andrew 1/19][at the edge of the lava plateau; Enoch 1/19][the big hall; Zachary 1/20][][through the Groove; Bette 1/21][The second groove, Bette 1/22][a tube to the C-mine, Enoch 1/23][Welcome to Wolf 359; Bette 1/23]

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