The Status for January 19, 1998

OUR THIRD WEEK IN 1998 [up to January 16th]
A & D rescued -- E & Z toward the C-lander -- Sojourner found -- B & I sentenced to deat, but saved

[Week 3] Andrew & Daniel still in distress up in the rockface got under heavy fire by C-probe missiles. Zachary & Enoch cut off to come to their aid went north to the C-lander and found Sojourner. Gail nearly made it to rescue Andrew & Daniel, but then Burn picked them up by his flying vehicle ...

Bette & Isaac were sentenced to death by the Ipsolstai, but got saved in a coup by Gabriel, a friend of Burn, to be shipped somewhere ...

Where will Bette & Isaac go ?? Will Andrew & Daniel join them ?? Can Zachary & Enoch stop the C-probes ??

Links to Transmission Archive:[Inbound Transmission History, week 27 forward]
Image Archive: [C-probe circle; Andrew 1/12][up the Big Canyon; Gail 1/12][out of the driving tram;Zachary 1/13][a glyph at the rockface; Daniel 1/13][at a small ridge; Gail 1/13][sunset; Gail 1/14][finding Sojourner; Zachary 1/14][the entrance to the lava flow; Enoch 1/15][rocket launcher at the lava flow, Zachary 1/16][Andrew at the ridge; Gail 1/16]

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