The Status for January 05, 1998

OUR FIRST WEEK IN 1998 [up to January 2nd]
Fighting against nine C-probes -- The trial against Bette and Isaac.

[Week 1] Our Probes also defeated the second wave of the C-probes. Nine of them came in this time. Three were dazzled by Zachary's laser. One was trapped in a pit again. One of the dazzled C-probe killed two of its own kind by its aimlessly shooting and was vaporized by the others. The remaining three will find its end in the gorge Andrew and Daniel have prepared. But Al-Q already announced two other waves coming in. No one less than 25 C-probes. Maybe they are just bluffing.

Bette and Isaac, who were imprisoned by the Ipsolstai after they broke a cup while exploring cave #3, were brought to a room with six corners. In each corner an Ipsolstai is sitting behind a hologram, while Celeb and Burn opened the trial ...

Can the new wave of C-probes be defeated again ?? What will happen to Bette and Isaac ?? Can Burn help them ??

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