The Status for December 15, 1997

OUR FORTIETH AND FORTY-FIRST WEEK [December 1st to December 12th]
New Ipsolstai tunnel found by Isaac - Daniel fixed by Burn - Control codes sent - The C-probe is trapped

[Week 40]Though Bette hadn't been hurt by the rocket of the C-probe, half of Cave #3 collapsed. Isaac lost during the impact was found shocked. He detected a tunnel in the back of cave #3 [Week 41] and also an airlock with glyphs, that opened by his shouting. -- Andrew and Zachary finally trapped the C-probe in a pit at the rough ground by executing a well prepared plan. Then Al-Q announced that nine Mobile Units have left the Chinese lander toward Olympus Mons ...

[Week 40] Daniel, who went with Gail into Jose's cave, [Week 41] was fixed by Burn. Since then he is talking even more cryptic. When they left Jose's cave, the fan started and Gail sensed something quite warm deep inside the cave ...

H&P have sent the control codes. Too little, too late, for except of one EU-probe, that is still sticking in the EU-lander, all others are killed or have joined. Nevertheless, showing good will we've sent them two images in return. One of Jose's cave, the other of some glyphs, that had been found by our Probes in earlier days.

What are the Ipsolstai preparing in Jose's cave ?? How to proceed with the C-probe ?? Are the Mobile Units armed ??

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[rocket impact at cave # 3; Bette 12/01][a tunnel in cave # 3; Bette 12/03][two loader drones; Andrew 12/03][the crack; Andrew 12/05][That's me; Enoch 12/05][Daniel in Jose's cave; Gail 12/05][the crust of the pit; Andrew 12/09][C-probe approaching; Zachary 12/10][an airlock in cave # 3; Bette 12/10][C-probe zoomed; Andrew 12/11][C-probe trapped; Zachary 12/11][the glyphs at the airlock; Isaac 12/12][Images sent to H&P; Enoch 12/12]

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