The Status for December 09, 1997

OUR FOURTIETH WEEK [December 1st to December 5th]
A concrete plan to trap the C-probe - Bette and Isaac safe - Gail and Daniel in Jose's cave

[Week 40] Bette hadn't been hurt by the rocket of the C-probe, but half of Cave #3 collapsed. Isaac lost by that was found shocked but well in a niche. The C-probe remained at the northwest escarpment. When Isaac found a tunnel that leads deep into the Olympus Mons, he and Bette got out of reach. -- Andrew and Zachary prepared themselves to trap the C-probe. They moved three drones and two miners over to the rough ground to dig a pit and Zachary picked up an emergency beacon, that was disassembled by Enoch from the remainders of the EU-probe, Gail once killed.

Daniel and Gail went down the hatch in Jose's cave and were picked up by Ipsolstai. Daniel, who should get a new transmitter was in panic, but calmed down a little when Burn appeared ...

Are the Ipsolstai still hostile ?? Will Burn help ?? Can Andrew and Zachary trap the C-probe ??

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