The Status for November 24, 1997

OUR THIRTY-EIGHTH WEEK [ November 17th to November 21st]
Andrew stumbled over the C-probe. -- A new cave found -- Lucy killed

[Week 38] Andrew followed the tracks that was leading from Stage 2 southeast, so he stumbled over an armed probe on treads with rockets mounted on it's top and Andrew again couldn't move back. On their way to cave 3 at the northwest escarpment Bette and Isaac found hills and a new cave at P13/012. In the Fortress Daniel had a good hand with Lucy, but Zachary hadn't. When Daniel and Gail moved over to Burn to get a new transmitter, Lucy followed ...

Enoch opened contact to the EU Theta Unit, that is captured in the trap tunnel. We will call it Teddy. Hardon and Parker were asking about the EU-probes too and told us that the armed probe is a C-probe.

[Week 39] Lucy was killed by the C-probe ...

Are the Ipsolstai still going to destroy our Probes ?? How to get rid of this C-probe ??

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