The Status for November 03, 1997

OUR THIRTY-FOURTH AND THIRTY-FIFTH WEEK [ October 20th to October 31st]

Andrew reanimated -- Daniel and Gail coming home -- A new link to the Ipso -- Fortress enlarged

[Week 34] Andrew is reporting again. Except of some memory gabs, he seems to be fully okay again. Also Daniel and Gail came "home", as they say. Approaching the Fortress, they had to trick the EU-probes, which are still roaming outside. [Week 35] Though highly welcomed Daniel remained mostly quiet, while Gail started to talk about cryptic ideas ...

[Week 34] The presence of EU-probe hindered the Probes to leave the Fortress. Therefore Bette started to drill an escape tunnel to the opposing side-canyon. Doing so she entered a total shut off round neighboring the Fortress and found strings of vitrified rocks. Isaac became her charge [Week 35] and Andrew showed him how to change his command codes, so he is totally independent from Brunel & Brauer now. When Bette couldn't leave the Fortress to finish a solar station, she and Isaac wanted to build up in the round, she became angry and decided to trap the EU-probes. In a wild chase she got seriously damaged. She lost three legs, an arm and all her sensors got melted. One of the EU-probes blew up by it's own explosives and a second EU-probe could be caught in a trap tunnel ...

[Week 34] Burn left a device that functions as a translator and video link, [Week 35] so Zachary could watch a wild Ipso party, as their brothers had come from Titan. Drinking a lot of their sugar liquid all Ipsos got heavily drunk ...

During this festivity Burn visited the Fortress again and reported about the Ipsolstai history. H&P started a very friendly transmission asking about the wellbeing of their probes and Al-Q received a funny echo of the Chinese pings.

What's going on with the Ipso ?? How can we handle the EU-probes ?? Can Bette be repaired ?? What's about the Chinese lander ??

Image Archive: [Image of rebirth; Andrew 10/20] [the device Burn left; Zachary 10/20] [big Ipso room flooded; Zachary 10/22] [a vitrified rock,; Bette 10/23] [Gail & Daniel; Enoch 10/27] [the Round from above; Bette 10/28] [Ipsos at the pool; Zachary 10/28] 

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