The Status for October 27, 1997


OUR THIRTY-FOURTH WEEK [ October 20th to October 24th]

Andrew reanimated -- Daniel and Gail coming home -- A new link to the Ipso -- Fortress enlarged --

[Week 34] 33 days after his functions had ceased, Andrew's first words came over the ether again. "Andrew reporting". Many thanks to Enoch, many thanks to Dr.D. Except of some memory gabs, he seems to be fully okay again.

Because Bette nearly ran into an EU-probe by leaving the Fortress, she started to drill a tunnel to the opposing side-canyon. Doing so she found a round totally shut off with a diameter of 100m directly next to the Fortress, as well as strings of vitrified rocks. - To guarantee Isaac education he became the charge of Bette and Bombardier will be his godfather. - Daniel and Gail are coming "home", as they say. Approaching the Fortress they met EU-probes ...

Zachary examining the device Burn left found out that it is a video link to the Ipsolstai tunnels, also functioning as a translator. That way he found out that they are awaiting the Ipsos from Titan planing a big party. The video screen shows a big room, that partially is filled with water. Container of sugar are held nearby ...

What's going on with the Ipso ?? Will Gail and Andrew be able to reach the Fortress ?? How can we handle the EU-probes ?? Is the new lander full of C-probes ??

Image Archive: [Image of rebirth; Andrew 10/20] [the device Burn left; Zachary 10/20] [big Ipso room flooded; Zachary 10/22] [a virtrified rock,; Bette 10/23]

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