Hi, you can call me T-Bird or just "T" if you like. I was one of twenty candidates who were training for the Stage 3 mission to Mars. It was great, I had a chance to be one of the first people to walk on Mars. Better yet, we were going to build a habitat which would allow eventual colonization of the "red planet" not just pick up some rocks like was done on the Moon. A new age of exploration, adventure and heros was to begin and I could have been there.

When Brace Empise shut down, all that changed. Now all I have is my flight suit - and a hope.

When I heard Jose had gained control of the probes, my hopes started to rise. After all, stage one worked, d-mm-t! I'm tired of the "suits" and their cold 1/3 failure statistics. Sure, two probes were damaged and none are easy to control - but they are there and can do their job. Stage two is on its way and preparations must be made for it's landing. I still can't believe the project shut down when we were so close. I hoped Jose could keep things going until someone picked up the pieces and finished the job.

Then Jose made the discovery, and I knew things were going to happen, but not the way I hoped. The government and Multi-Nationals stepped in and tried to take over. I have no doubt they killed Jose and my best hope of going to Mars. That is why I am helping Dilyn in what few ways I can. We must raise public awareness of what is going on so the project is not taken over by secret agencies and shut up like poor Jose.

I can't tell you much about my own background. With only twenty candidates, I could be identified too easily. Suffice to say I don't know much about this Internet place or the technical aspects of how Jose and Dilyn manage to communicate with the Probes. What I am concerned about is keeping the project on track - and alive.