SkyKing was born in a small New England town and, having a father who is a pilot, took an early interest in aviation. The handle comes from an old television show about flying.

After discovering the world of computers in 1982, he began to work in that Field, becoming familiar with several mini-mainframe platforms.This eventually led to his employment with Brace-Emprise and his introduction to Dilyn, Jose and Dr. D. After the demise of Brace-Emprise, he was asked to join Dilyn's team. He works with Dr. D. on the probes' software, helps maintain this site, and specializes in the organization and retrieval of the Probes' data.

His interests include playing and recording Rock and Blues music, recording and listening to classical music, reading, and golf.

He currently resides in a large east coast city, and looks forward to settling down in a small country home, where he will continue his work with music and computers.

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