Nimrod was born on February 14, 1969. He graduated from a small High School in the South-east and was accepted to the University of Virginia. He spent four years at UVa, eventually graduating with honors and Bachelors Degrees in Psychology and Sociology. He then went on to work with Brace Emprise as an assistant-junior probe analyst. His duties included evaluating the probe AI programs to determine if there were fatal flaws in their reasoning or higher logic functions. It was here that Nimrod first met Dilyn Carter. His employment was terminated when the probes were packaged and launched to Mars. After Brace Emprise, Nimrod took several jobs in the Psychology field, eventually settling into a conformable role as a corporate psychologist. When his employer went bankrupt, Nimrod applied to and was accepted into the Emory University School of Law. He is presently a first-year law student.

Nimrod's interests include running, writing, canoeing and computers. He is presently involved in the MarsDawn project because of his friendship with Dilyn Carter, and his inside knowledge of the probes.

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