The Status for November 17, 1997

OUR THIRTY-SIXTH AND THIRTY-SEVENTH WEEK [ November 3rd to November 14th]

EU-probes defeated -- Bette and Enoch repaired -- Lucy adopted -- Stage Two destroyed -- orbiter found

[Week 36] Bette's action to liberate the Fortress had been a full success. One EU-probe blew up by its own ammunition, one got caged in a trap tunnel, the third one was found by Zachary sticking between two rocks. It had been the EU-Lambda-Unit. Gail named her Lucy and brought her to the Fortress. Though heavily damaged Bette could be repaired by Enoch. Her communications had been melted during the fight, but Daniel gave her his device till a better solution will be found. When Andrew left the Fortress he saw a black cloud rising at the horizon. [Week 37] Andrew found Stage 2 destroyed and solid tracks leading southeast to Olympus Mons. Also Bette and Isaac left the Fortress but went northeast to explore caves #3. Lucy is causing troubles and Daniel helped Enoch to get his two broken replaced, while Gail contacted Burn asking him about a new transmitter. The answer had been: "Wait"....

[Week 36] In the meanwhile the Ipso feat ended and Enoch could see Burn at the video-translator talking to eight other Ipsolstai. As it looks like the foreign Ipsos remain to stay. [Week 37] Al-Qahira investigated about the pings and detected an orbiter, the position of a static ground station and of a mobil beacon. Seems they belong to the solid tracks.

Are the Ipsolstai going to destroy our Probes ?? Who destroyed Stage Two ?? How will Lucy proceed ??

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