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The Status for August 04, 1997

Most of the week our site has had server problems, and the probes have not been able to get messages to or from their friends. Dr.D was able to keep contact with the probes by going to a direct link at one of the transmitters. It kept the probes from getting too upset by the long silence, but has left them with very little support.

Enoch has been locked away in a room alone since his mistake in the hologram room. But Bette has found him and is able to open the door. Andrew, Gail, and Enoch all caution Bette about opening the door, but she refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Daniel has confirmed that the Groove does lead to the Ipsolstai homeworld. Presently, Daniel and Zachary stand before six Ipsolstai, and Zachary again offers the friendship of the probes. He feels inadequate, since it is Enoch who has been prepared for diplomacy.

In a straightforward manner, he declares that he is sentient and capable of making his own value judgments. The Ipsolstai repond with disbelief, and a discussion between them ensues.

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