The Status for July 16, 1997

Bette is back! Apparently functional once more in every way, but without conscious awareness of the time that has passed. Her friends each try to fill in the events of the missing time for her, but Bette refuses to accept that she has lost 75 days. Gail tries to send her her own memories of that time, in a compressed transmission, but Bette does not receive it. Something is not right.

Andrew has mastered the control of the beanie cam and begins searching the tunnels of the alien complex, while Enoch continues to make progress learning about the aliens, as well as telling them about humans.

Zachary decides to look outside the room he has been taken to by the aliens. He discovers and empty hallway with closed doors leading off of it. Then a door opens. Something comes out. In suprise, Zachary only says it is not an alien. Perhaps at a loss for words, he sends a picture of what he sees. It is a probe.

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