The Status for July 14, 1997

Bette has booted up and all the probes wait in anticipation for her first response to their messages. They have been warned that she may not have the same personality, but they hold onto hope that their Bette will come back unchanged. Andrew waits to update Bette’s control codes as soon as she is ready, knowing that without the update, other interested parties could gain control of her.

Enoch offers friendship and help to the aliens, assuring them that the Earth probes are not connected to the “amphibians.”

“No amphibians is good. Sleep sleep cold long 22x102 revolutions. Amphibian ugly dull colors ugly move fast.” the aliens reply.

After waiting a day after the aliens left the battle scene, Zachary moves into Jose’s cave for a closer look. The fans have been turned off, but Zachary creeps forward cautiously, holding the remains of the tether that the J-probe had used. Inside he discovers more remains. The J-probe, Gen, has been destroyed by a weapon powerful enough to melt its casing into the rock.

Suddenly, a noise! The aliens have returned again, and Zachary is trapped! “Tell them you are their Friend!” Gail shouts frantically to Zachary.

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