My handle is Cheshire Cat. Dilyn isn’t the only one to have suspicions about the cause of Jose’s death, so I won’t use my real name on this site.

I was a close friend of Jose’s. He contacted me when he first uploaded the probe access codes that he had purchased from Brace Emprise Corp., when it went under. He didn’t need me really. I’m not a computer guru, nor an expert on astro-physics or anything. I was just available; somebody he could trust.

After the discovery of the artifacts in the cave on Mars, I couldn’t just walk away, pretend I knew nothing. Then Jose died, and Dilyn moved the site so that we could continue what Jose started. I’ll do what I can; talk to the probes, offer suggestions and moral support to the rest of the team.

As for personal information, I’m afraid to say too much here. Maybe because I'm not the tech expert some of the others are I'm not comfortable with the security of the web. I live on the west coast of the US. I guess that’s safe to say. I enjoy an active lifestyle of being outdoors most of the time- hiking, camping, canoeing. But I am an email addict and spend a lot of time here at MarsDawn.

Cheshire Cat