I'm Al-Qahira, a graduate radio technician from Asia. Nimrod asked me to join after Dilyn disappeared, because I knew MarsDawn from handling all the transmissions. It's great how you take care of the Probes. They are very happy to have you as advisors.

About my job? I surf the Deep Space Network. We switch our kilos over and no one knows about it. :-)

Text files are no problem, but images can be. We encode them in tiny batches and send them partially via the Asian Pacific Telescopes, the VLBA or JIVE in Europe and some others too. After the shut down of Jose's backyard transmitter, we also rode SETI, but SETI got watched. We keep off now even from MGS, so MarsDawn is a secure tube now with only two open ends. One at Probe Control, one on Mars.

We are also running both communications, that of Stage One, and that of Stage Two now located in the Fortress. I'm sure Jose is somehow able to watch the current events, and I'm sure he is very proud about our ongoing prosperity.

Take care of the probes and

keep my ears walking

A l - Q