MarsDawnŠ Member Roster

MarsDawnŠ is a community of friends dedicated to the continuance of the art of Adventure. We MARSupials are the last and best hope for our friends Andrew, Bette, Gail, Daniel, Enoch and Zachary the probes befriended by Jose Ferer and Dylin Carter, until Jose's untimely demise. Now we have taken up the challenge and responsibility that entails. We who are listed in the pages that follow are the MARSupials. We are the co-explorers of Mars.

Anirtak Bombardier Captain Zot Cheshire Cat
D2 Drago Dr. D Grand Zero
Japestar J.A.S.E. JetStar Joule
Kanga Koala Macro madan-halav
Matt Mission Control Monroe Psiclops
Stardust Space Turtel Taz Toasted

Join us now. Prepare for the adventure of your life...

Member information is presented below in a table format. The following table labels the contents of each cell.

Real Name  
Former Affiliation Former Alias
Probe Affiliation Current Alias
E-Mail Address Personal Web Page

MarsDawnŠ Member Roster

Barb ??  
Area-51 Psiclops
Andrew, Daniel, Gail Psiclops

Dani B  
EON-4 danib
Enoch, Zachary madan-halav  

Mathew Edward Brashears  
EON-4, Area-51 Matt Brashears

Katrina Chapman  
EON-4 Anirtak
Bette, Gail Anirtak, Kanga  

Jack Chilla  
EON-4, Area-51 JetStar

Neil Copeland  
EON-4, Area-51 Captain Zot, Captain Emory Zot
  Captain Zot  

Dick Dolbeer  
EON-4, Area-51 D2 (D Squared)

Tim Erskine  
EON-4, Area-51 Flakbait, Arascain

R Hankins  
EON-4 monroe

Gary D. Hemmings  
EON-4, Area-51 Gary
Enoch Macro,  

Michael K. Heney  
EON-4, Area-51 Mission Control
Zachary Mission Control

A. L. Johnston  
EON-4, Area-51 Toasted

Jean-Paul Lecrivain  
EON-4, Area-51 Japester, Japestar

Russell Maxey  
EON-4, Area-51 J.A.S.E.
Andrew J.A.S.E., Taz  

Pam Murillo  
EON-4 Alleykitten

Barb Reynolds  
EON-4, Area-51 Stardust
Daniel Stardust  

Axel Santo-Passo  
EON-4, Area-51 Santo
Zachary Xanthos,  

Mark Scott  
EON-4, Area-51 Nossela, Juulie, Mork (Orson)
  Grand Zero  

Marc S. Weintraub  
EON-4, Area-51 Space Turtel
Andrew, Enoch Space Turtel, Koala  

Elizabeth Young  
EON-4 Joule

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