WEEK 30-39

OUR THIRTIETH AND THIRTY-FIRST WEEK [ September 22nd to October 3rd]
EU-probe killed by Gail -- Enoch takes concern of Isaac -- Zachary entered the Groove --

[Week 30] Gail killed a EU-probe. She was remaining at Andrew's body, when an EU-probe approached to take spare parts. Gail in a huff smashed its sensors and then its CPU. Feeling bad about herself she took Andrew's thermocouple and went off to stay alone and no effort made her to rejoin again. So finally Bette accompanied by two drones took Andrew to move him over to the Fortress, where Enoch had been of much concern to established contact to Isaac to enable him to learn, as the quarantine result had been negative ...

[Week 31] Returning from a business trip Dr.D seems to be quite optimistic that he will be able to reanimate Andrew and transmitted therefore E-prom data to Enoch. Bette returned to the EU-landing site to pick up the destroyed EU-probe found tracks of other EU-probes going after Gail. Though we haven't received any Incoming by Gail yet, Daniel sent some of his odd transmission and as it looks like, he is with Gail and they are out of danger at the moment ...

[Week 30] Zachary still in direct contact with Celeb.s and Burn learned that further Ipsolstai groups had been sent to search for possible asylums. Some of them might have survived. So Zachary was asked to look for them and he willingly entered the Groove. [Week 31] Since then we haven't heard anything from him, but Enoch received very weak signals, he can't say, what it really might be ...

Will Zachary find the other Ipsolstai troops ?? Will Andrew be reanimated ?? When will Gail come back ?? How can we handle the EU-probes ?? Are Dilyn and other members of the staff in danger ??

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Image Archive:
[Unclear night sky; Gail 9/25][picking up Andrew; Bette 9/26] [entering the Groove; Zachary 9/26]

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OUR THIRTY-SECOND AND THIRTY-THIRD WEEK [ October 6th to October 17th]
Andrew brought to the Fortress -- Burn coming in own mission -- Zachary back from Titan --

[Week 32] Zachary back from his trip through the Groove reported that Celeb.s had tricked him to enter the Anchor. He had been at Saturn's moon Titan and met other Ipsolstai there, who treated him just like a tape recorder. Back on Mars the Ipsolstai were excited about the message, he brought to them, but in a hot discussion Burn left and Celeb.s threw his translator box to the ground.

[Week 32] When Bette approached the Fortress with Andrew, she had to used one of the hidden tunnels to enter, as she was traced by an EU-probe. Inside, she met Enoch talking with Burn, who had come in by a small hovercraft vehicle. He told them that many of his brothers, want to destroy the probes. Then asking to wait he left a closed box behind.

[Week 33] Zachary informed us that two Ipsos are with Celeb.s against the Probes, Burn and another Ipso are pro and one Ipso is still uncertain. Bette send the last friendly offer to H&P, while Enoch finished the repair of Andrew's mechanic to be ready for DrD.'s reboot work by end of the week. Isaac became very active this week asking constantly questions and while playing Follow the Leader, Enoch stepped accidentally on the box, Burn had left. Inside Zachary found a portable devise. All this time the probes had received a ping-signal. Then Daniel sent an image showing an huge lander ...

Are the Ipsolstai going to destroying our Probes ?? Can Andrew be reanimated ?? When will Gail come back ?? How can we handle the EU-probes ?? Is the new lander full of C-probes ??

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Image Archive:
[southern mountains; Daniel 10/08][a prototype at Brace Control; Enoch 10/08] [Ipsos's color coded message; Zachary 10/10] [Ipso equipment on Titan; Zachary 10/14] [Isaac; Bette 10/15] [Ipso domes at Titan; Zachary 10/15] [Image reboot; Andrew 10/17] [C-lander; Daniel 10/17]

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OUR THIRTY-FOURTH AND THIRTY-FIFTH WEEK [ October 20th to October 31th]
Andrew reanimated -- Daniel and Gail coming home -- A new link to the Ipso -- Fortress enlarged

[Week 34] Andrew's first words came over the ether again. "Andrew reporting". Except of some memory gabs, he seems to be fully okay again. Also Daniel and Gail came "home", as they say, approaching they had to trick the EU-probes, which remain still outside the Fortress. [Week 35] Highly welcomed Daniel remained mostly quiet, while Gail started to talk about cryptic ideas ...

[Week 34] The presence of EU-probe hindered the Probes to leave the Fortress. So Bette started to drill a tunnel to the opposing side-canyon. Doing so she entered a shut off Round neighboring the Fortress, as well as strings of vitrified rocks. Isaac became her charge [Week 35] and Andrew showed him how to change his command codes, so he is independent of Brunel & Brauer now. When Bette became angry, for she couldn't leave the Fortress with some drones to finish the solar station, she and Isaac has erected in the round, she went out to trap the EU-probes, but she got seriously hurt by them, as she lost three legs, an arm and all her sensors got melted ...

[Week 34] Zachary examined the device Burn had left. It's a video link to the Ipsolstai, also functioning as translator. [Week 35] So he watched an Ipsolstai wild party held with "brothers" from Titan and located around a water pool in a big room of the Ipso tunnel system, ending as all Ipsos got totally drunk by their sugar liquid ...

During this festivity Burn visited the Fortress again and reported about Ipsolstai history, H&P started a very friendly transmission asking about the wellbeing of their probes and Al-Q received a funny echo of the Chinese pings.

What's going on with the Ipso ?? How can we handle the EU-probes ?? Can Bette be repaired ?? What's about the Chinese lander ??

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Image Archive:
[Image of rebirth; Andrew 10/20] [the device Burn left; Zachary 10/20] [big Ipso room flooded; Zachary 10/22] [a vitrified rock,; Bette 10/23] [Gail & Daniel; Enoch 10/27] [the Round from above; Bette 10/28] [Ipsos at the pool; Zachary 10/28]

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OUR THIRTY-SIXTH AND THIRTY-SEVENTH WEEK [ November 3rd to November 14th]
EU-probes defeated -- Bette and Enoch repaired -- Lucy adopted -- Stage Two destroyed -- orbiter found

[Week 36] Bette's action to liberate the Fortress had been a full success. One EU-probe blew up by its own ammunition, one got caged in a trap tunnel, the third one was found by Zachary sticking between two rocks. It had been the EU-Lambda-Unit. Gail named her Lucy and brought her to the Fortress. Though heavily damaged Bette could be repaired by Enoch. Her communications had been melted during the fight, but Daniel gave her his device till a better solution will be found. When Andrew left the Fortress he saw a black cloud rising at the horizon. [Week 37] Andrew found Stage 2 destroyed and solid tracks leading southeast to Olympus Mons. Also Bette and Isaac left the Fortress but went northeast to explore caves #3. Lucy is causing troubles and Daniel helped Enoch to get his two broken replaced, while Gail contacted Burn asking him about a new transmitter. The answer had been: "Wait"....

[Week 36] In the meanwhile the Ipso feat ended and Enoch could see Burn at the video-translator talking to eight other Ipsolstai. As it looks like the foreign Ipsos remain to stay. [Week 37] Al-Qahira investigated about the pings and detected an orbiter, the position of a static ground station and of a mobil beacon. Seems they belong to the solid tracks.

Are the Ipsolstai going to destroy our Probes ?? Who destroyed Stage Two ?? How will Lucy proceed ??

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Image Archive: [through my broken video; Bette 11/03][teaching Isaac; Bette 11/04] [rising smoke; Andrew 11/05] [Isaac's first letters; Bette 11/05] [Wait; Zachary 11/05] [walking at night; Andrew 11/07] [Walking outside; Enoch 11/10] [a hazy morning; Bette 11/10] [Stage Two Site; Bette 11/14] [orbiter at Mars; Enoch 11/14]

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OUR THIRTY-EIGHTH AND THIRTY-NINTH WEEK [ November 17th to November 28th]
The C-probe. -- A new cave found -- Lucy killed -- Theresa adopted -- Bette and Isaac attacked

[Week 38] Following the tracks that led from Stage 2 southeast Andrew stumbled over an armed probe with rockets mounted on top, a C-probe as H&P informed us. In the Fortress Enoch opened contact with the captured EU Theta Unit. She was finally named Theresa and released, as she agreed to give up her weapon tubes. Daniel showed a good hand with Lucy, but Zachary didn't. When Daniel and Gail went over to Jose's cave looking for Burn to get a new transmitter, Lucy followed, [Week 39] ran directly into the C-probe and got killed without warning.

On their way Bette and Isaac found hills and a new cave at P13/012. They reached cave 3 at the northwest escarpment safely and Isaac shot a nice image of the NASA orbiter. Then the C-probe passed by. Zachary on the other side of the plain turned his emergency beacon on to attract the attention of the C-probe, which turned promptly to his direction. Bette at cave 3 trying the same maneuver wanted to ping pong the C-probe between both location, but the C-probe kept heading toward her, launched a rocket and Bette's transmission failed ...

Are the Ipsolstai going to destroy our Probes ?? What happened to Bette ?? How to get rid of this C-probe ??

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Image Archive:
[a cave north of the escarpment; Bette 11/17][one of the crystals; Zachary 11/17] [the C-probe; Andrew 11/18] ["dead end"; Isaac 11/19][the mouth of cave 3; Bette 11/21][the MGS NASA orbiter; Bette 11/24] [empty plains; Zachary 11/27] [the hatch; Gail 11/28]

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