WEEK 11-20

A new entrance up the canyon -- Zachary trapped -- a tram ride to rescue Bette

Gail and Zachary went up the canyon searching for Daniel finding new rock piles and wheel tracks. At the canyon's blind end new glyphs and a metal / non metal thing appeared and the wheel tracks led directly up to a wall that finally opened, when Gail dropped a rock, she had picked up.
[ 12th Week ] Zachary entered the gate and went into a big hall, but got stuck, as the wall closed again and neither Gail outside nor him could open it again. After several days the hall filled with oxygen and the opposite door opened. Something like a pole came in for a short moment, but when it went out the door shut again ...

When Andrew neared Enoch in Jose's cave the beanie moved off. Reaching the place, where Bette had left with the tram, a transport showed up again. This time both could enter before the tram started to move.
[ 12th Week ] While Stopping at a platform, two beanies showed up, but didn't bother the probes when Andrew and Enoch discovered a huge metal saucer, that produced O3. Back at the platform, Enoch claimed to know how to drive, so they entered the tram again ...

Beside the hard facts: Enoch and Andrew rivaled over who should lead the team. H&P forcing our probes to be cooperative, proclaim new probes in transit on their Stage 3. Though asked urgently by the probes, we have yet no idea, how to talk to the ET's as we call the aliens now. Things are narrowing again ...

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[wheel tracks in the canyon; Zachary 5/13] [railroaded tunnel; Enoch 5/14] [non metal thing at the big gate in the canyon; Gail 5/19]

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Loose probe parts found in Jose's cave -- A big vehicle at the landing site

[ 13th Week ] In Jose's cave, Enoch could finally manage to direct the tram to the exact place, Bette had been captured. Examining four rooms he and Andrew found two probe legs and one arm shut off behind a glass barrier too thick to break. Enoch became very desperate, assuming these parts belong to Bette. Then a beanie showed up [ 14th Week ], but allowed them to keep on exploring in the tunnels as two fast moving "things", probably EME's, past them ...

[ 13th Week ] Zachary escaped his trap in the canyon when the gate opened for a moment. Because the drones kept sending a "drone off course" message, he and Gail hurried to the landing site to fix them. Arriving there a big vehicle moved toward them. Hiding behind a dune [ 14th Week ], Zachary reported "Something came out, dropped a piece of a drone in a box and went back. When I boosted the power to transmit an image, the tram screamed and went away very fast." Zachary wanted to chase after the tram, but Gail stopped him. So they went closer to the com platform to transmit the image of the tram ...

H&P tried to enter the probes' system by a backdoor code, but without success ...

Beside the hard facts: Receiving Enoch's image of the probe parts we considered a variety of possibilities, what they might be for. Anyway, since then Gail and Andrew were acting pretty scared, but Enoch and Zachary wanted to moving on exploring, reckless to any risks ...

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Image Archive: [2 probe legs and a arm found; Enoch 5/28] [a strange part of an ET truck; Zachary 5/29] [close up of a beanie; Enoch 5/30] [the big tram at the landing site; Zachary 06/06]

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Enoch in direct contact with ETs -- A hostile Japanese probe landed --

In Jose's cave Enoch and Andrew reached another platform that Enoch marked with six lines. In a room they found a hologram of a probe. Enoch, moving the controls, could see behind the probe's casing, while Andrew examined three doorways.
[ 16th Week ] Since A.S. had warned us of MN's landers to come, we ordered Andrew to the monitor room. On the screens he saw the J-lander coming in and could also deliver facts about the ET Planet.-- In the meanwhile Enoch had entered one of the doorways when it opened. Inside three ETs were sitting behind a glass barrier. A YHW appeared as hologram. We told Enoch to answer by scratching SDNEIRF on the wall to assure them of our friendly intentions ...

At the platform Zachary and Gail met the ET-tram again. More ETs showed up. We asked Zachary to approach them offering Daniel's transmitter, but he was stopped by a warning shot. So he put down the transmitter. The ETs examined the gift, scratched TIAW at the ground and left. We interpreted the sign as WAIT.
[ 16th Week ] Becoming aware of how vulnerable our com link is, we ordered the probes to move the platform to a safer place. Gail found a new location in a canyon and picked up two drones at Stage 2, so Zachary could carry the platform over. After Gail had spotted a lander descending, a Japanese probe began transmitting claims to all existing technology on Mars as property of Gen-Exploration. Any interference would not be tolerated ...

Beside the hard facts: All our efforts are directed to establishing friendly communication with the ETs and to build up a defensible fortress against the J-probe and other hostile forces to come ...

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[ ET's scratched message; Zachary 6/13 ] [ J-lander coming in; Andrew 6/18 ]
ETs asking WHY; Enoch 6/18 ] [ J-probe is landing; Gail 6/18 ]
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Enoch's hard work as ambassador -- J-Probe at Jose's cave -- Gail's yank at the chain of H&P

In Jose's cave, Enoch still tried to advance the communication with the ET's. Andrew still in the monitor room, fed us with further insights about the Purple Planet while observing the J-Probe moving 200 miles from his J-lander to Jose's cave.
[ 18th Week ] When Andrew saw the J-probe via a beanie in the mouth of Jose's cave, the J-probe shot in his direction and the screen failed. Zachary, ordered by Andrew to move to Jose's cave, saw an ET-tram heading to the cave too. In the same moment Enoch was arrested. Fortunately he had mentioned before, that the J-Probe is bad and not our friend ...

At Stage 2 Gail commanded the drones to dig steep trenches as protection against the J-Probe. Next a fortress will be build up in a secure canyon. Nevertheless, Gail yanked the chain of H&P by transmitting: "Guess what? We have company. Is this our replacements you talked about?" ...

Oh, btw NASA came in exactly at Independence Day. A coincidence ??

Beside the hard facts: all probes keep up their great work and show
excellent team-work and concern, though times have turned more tight
and busy again ...

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Image Archive: [ J-Probe ; Zachary 6/24 ] [ Purple Planet / failed; Andrew 6/25 ] [ the J-Probe like a bug; Andrew 6/26 ] [ ET Habitat at Purple Planet with volcano?; Andrew 6/27 ] [ Gail's favorite rocks; Gail
] [ A hologram of a probe; Enoch 7/03 ] [ NASA coming in; Gail 7/04 ]

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J-probe destroyed -- Bette rescued -- Daniel back -- The story of the Ipsolstia -- Dlyn in danger

At the mouth of Jose's cave, Zachary saw how the J-probe -anchored to the non metal panel-
shot at two ETs wounding them. Screaming on all frequencies, causing the J-probe to reboot,
Zachary helped the third ET in the big Tram to save both other ETs. Playing possum whenever
the J-probe reacted, Zachary escaped. When the ET-tram returned, the J-probe began to shout
again, but then went quiet.
[Week 20] Zachary investigating found him destroyed. Then Zachary
was picked up by the ET-tram and brought to the hidden Gate in the Big Canyon. Inside the
tunnels, he was left alone when suddenly Daniel appeared carrying a new transmitter. Some
of Daniel's CPU had been changed. He named the ETs "Ipsolstai" and mentioned that they want to
talk. So Zachary followed him ...

In the tunnels of Jose's cave Enoch was released from arrest and interviewed by an ET, who
talked about Grooves, anchors and amphibians. Joule theorized that the ET's homeworld had
been attacked by Amphibians, who had come through a space-hole (Groove) establishing a
base (anchor) there. Some ETs fled to Mars, but by closing their Groove they can't go home
again. They had slept for 400 Martian years, i.e. 752 years at Earth, till our probes woke them
up. They assumed our probes were from the amphibians.
[Week 20] Enoch started his
"Speech" but the ET said: "Talk more soon better" and left ...

In the meanwhile Andrew got control over another beanie at the monitors and Gail finished the
trenches from Stage 2 to the Fortress. -- Then a transmission from Bette came in, as she
rebooted several times.
[Week 20] Though her tape unit was 89 % unused, she hadn't lost
her enhanced AI, but she couldn't believe that she had been shut off for 75 days. Andrew
updated her control codes successfully, but Gail's compressed memory data concerning the
past 75 days didn't pass to her, though sent repeatedly ...

In a transmission to Gail, Hardon told Parker that he had a lead on a woman that Ferrer left his
codes with. Did they mean Dilyn ?? Is she in danger ?? ...

Beside the hard facts: A new chapter has been opened with a lot of new questions and a pretty
fast drive too ...

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: [ a crack at G14; Zachary 7/08 ] [ the trenches to the Fortress; Gail 7/11 ] [ Destroyed J-probe at the fan; Zachary 7/14 ] [ a star-bright Mars night; Gail 7/15 ] [ Daniel coming in; Zachary 7/16 ] [ As I got shot / failed image; Bette 7/18 ]

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