MARSupial's Dictionary of Termsl

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a mobile reconnaissance device (assumed to belong to the ETs)

Beanie Monitor

a portable viewer useful for observing images sent via Beanie. It may also be used to communicate with certain of the Ipsolstai.


the Chinese probe(s) - also known as a Destructor, a massive and armed vehicle suspected to have destroyed the Stage Two lander - we do not know if there is more than one


formerly called E-probes or ET-probes, these are the mechanical probes that accompany the ETs or may be exoskeltons for the ETs


formerly called the EBEs, these are the residents of the Martian tunnels - they call themselves Ipsolstia, we often call them Ipsos - there are more in our solar system on a Jovian moon


the Big Tram used by the ETs on the Martian surface


the European probes - Six EU-probes landed, although one was trapped in the damaged lander - Three EU-probes made contact with you. - Two, Isaac and Theresa (Teddy), are still in the process of integrating into your society - One, Lucy, was killed by the C-probe, Destructor


the Japanese probe - Gen (short for GenExploration) - It was destroyed by the Ipsos


Mass Memory Units


that is you, the original explorers from Brace Emprise. - Andrew, Bette, Gail, Daniel, Enoch and Zachary


Thermo-Couple Units


the tunnel tram

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