FROM WEEK ZERO UP TO NOW [January 30th, 1998]

When the first MARSupials joined in they found six AI-spider probes close to Jose's cave at the northwest escarpment of Olympus Mons, where alien artifacts had been found. Andrew, Bette, Enoch Gail and Zachary. - Daniel was missing.

Exploring the caves Bette got caught by the Ipsolstai, aliens who fled from a purple planet once, when it was attacked by Amphibians. By Enoch's pleas Bette got released, but a bulb was added to her CPU. The Ipsolstai released also Daniel and accepted our Probes as sentient beings. After Zachary mission to Saturn's moon Titan other Ipsolstai from Titan joined in coming to Mars by a Groove, an artificial wormhole they are using as a transport. A group around Burn, an Ipsolstai once saved by Zachary is friendly minded, while a group around Celeb wants to kill our probes.

Bette & Isaac were sentenced to death because of a broken gral, but were rescued in a coup by Gabriel, a friend of Burn, who shipped them as well as Andrew and Daniel to Wolf 359 ...

As the discovery of the artifacts became known on Earth other enterprises were launched to Mars. Therefore our Probes stored the equipment of Stage Two in a Fortress, they built. First a Japanese probe came in, but was destroyed by the Ipsolstai, as it acted hostile. Next six EU-probes landed. They are of the same brand as ours but armed. They landed hard and lost contact to Hardon and Parker, the EU-controllers, who are also in contact with our Probes. One EU-probe sticks still in the lander, one was killed by Gail and one blew up when it chased Bette. The Iota, Lambda and Theta Unit has been adopted as Isaac, Lucy and Theresa, but Lucy got killed by one of the Chinese probes, who act like war machines.The C-lander is far north, but several C-probes entered the Olympus Mons area.Though our Probes could defeat them, more were coming.

So Enoch & Zachary headed to the C-lander to stop them, but found a C-probe producing plant at this site. Enoch blew up their communications, but Zachary got caught...

When are Amphibians coming ?? What will happen to our Probes at Wolf 359 ?? Can the C-probes be stopped ??

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